How to Find The Best Orthodontist in Malaysia

Dental care is a primary health concern in Malaysia. Medical professionals advise to get orthodontal treatment regularly. Teens and adults get treated all the time. Even young kids are taken by their parents to the orthodontists to get a fix.

There are many concerns with jaw and teeth placement which is why orthodontic treatment is popular in Malaysia. Having crooked teeth is a common concern because people want to maintain a good appearance, showing off their smile. Others experience headaches and get cavities easily because their teeth or jaw are not aligned properly.

We all want straight teeth because it helps us eat better, gives us confidence, and improves our overall dental health. But, as with any medical profession, you need to find the best orthodontist to perform the treatments because you’ll have more problems in the future if you don’t.

Since orthodontists are specialists, there are specific things to look for when you go to a clinic so you can get quality treatment. We will outline some of the key things to look out for when choosing an orthodontist.

Professional Practitioner

Orthodontics is a specialization in the medical field of Dentistry. This means your orthodontist should have completed a post-graduate degree on top of his/her dentistry degree to be able to be considered an orthodontist.

Watch out for their credentials. You should be able to see a post-graduate degree in clinical orthodontics. They should have taken an exam to be able to operate as an orthodontist. In Malaysia, this will show in a certificate from the Ministry of Health which signifies their qualification as a practitioner.

Services Offered

Malocclusions is the main dental problem being addressed by an orthodontist. Installing dentures or braces can fix minor problems with your teeth. However, a reliable orthodontist should have a host of services that they offer to fix dental problems.

Aside from common treatments, orthodontists should be able to perform surgical procedures for your teeth and jaw. It is a requirement during clinical training that these practitioners undergo to be able to fix any dental problem.

Professional diagnosis should be accurate enough to identify problems early and perform treatment that will prevent future problems. This is especially for kids with imbalanced jaws that require maintenance through the years before and operation is needed once they become an adult.

Health and Safety

A visit to the orthodontic treatment should be like a visit to any hospital. The place must be clean and the tools and machines used should be sterile to ensure the health of the patient before, during, and after a procedure.

Your orthodontist should be able to follow all the safety procedures when performing a treatment. There are many risks associated with orthodontics such as pain, dental caries, relapse among others. Patients should be informed ahead of time to make them aware of the risks and all steps should be taken to avoid such risks.


It is good to take referrals from friends and family because they have undergone the experience and it would be great insight if they can give a positive or negative review about an orthodontist. You can trust that your experience would closely resemble what your friends would say about an orthodontist.

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