History of AZ Watchable Wildlife

Welcome. Here is a little history about this site. It evolves into a news hub focusing on Singapore.

The Arizona Watchable Wildlife Tourism Association is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organized in August 2002 to promote Arizona’s enormous wildlife watching opportunities for residents and visitors. Nature tourism is proven to  reap statewide economic benefits, personal economic benefits for residents, as well as helping to conserve those special places that make Arizona unique.


AWWTA promotes and advocates for Arizona’s birding and watchable wildlife tourism industry through marketing and product development, education, conservation and adherence to ethical and sustainable practices.


AWWTA’s vision is to become the best in Arizona at educating visitors and providers of nature tourism about the exciting recreational, social and economic benefits of wildlife conservation, preservation and hospitality. AWWTA’s members embody the nature tourism spectrum: citizens, local businesses, bed and breakfasts, chambers of commerce,  local, state and federal agencies, lodging and food service providers, students and teachers, and nature enthusiasts.